Boulder Field Blizzard

Guest blog and photography by Chris Puddephatt from 24th April 2017. I needed to get up to the “boulder field” where Andy is bagging up stones ready for the airlift by helicopter up to the path workers. I’ve got directions, but I have to get across a river of variable and unknown depth. Fortunately, John from Glencanisp has offered to take me up there in the Argocat.   The weather forecast is not good, but I didn’t really appreciate that we were driving into a blizzard. Near the boulder field, it’s almost a total white-out, and we unwittingly drive past the bags of stone. Of course they’re white; the same colour as the snow. A stroke of luck; we spot Andy and his buddy walking towards us, as they arrive at the site themselves. We get out of the Argocat and I get blown over. The wind is absolutely evil, and the blowing snow makes it almost impossible to look into it. I go back to fetch my camera and get blown over again. Taking photos is going to be

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