A Hole Lode of Peat

Guest blog and photography by Chris Puddephatt from 18th May 2017. A heavier rucksack for the long walk today; I’m taking a tripod and a heavier camera with the intention of getting a time-lapse sequence. I’ve set the camera to take one photo every second for one hour, and this should turn into two minutes of time-lapse. Just got to get there first, and find a suitable section of path work to point the camera at. And no rain for that particular hour either. In the car park, Chris Goodman pedals his way to meet me, whilst I get bitten by a couple of midges. Local entrepreneur Marianne has sold me the new credit-card-sized Smidge just in time! Me & Chris spend the next 2 hours walking and blethering. That’s a new word for a Sassenach like me, and I’m finding that I like it. Up at the path, Andy and Mark have made a lovely job of the first section from the track. We find them about 200 yards in, scratching their heads: they need to find some more gravelly

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