A Beautiful Day for a Beach Clean!

A big thank you to those that turned out for our Badentarbert Beach clean on the 20th with High Life Highland Ranger Jenny. We couldn’t of asked for a better day! The sun was shining, and we had beautiful views across to Tanera Mor. Achiltiebuie Primary School even joined us in the morning and picked 2 bags full of rubbish to start off the beach clean and learnt about marine waste and its consequences. This was a different challenge for us as the beach was mostly tiny bits of rope, string and plastic amongst the washed in kelp and seaweed. A lot of hard work and patience was needed to remove this type of litter. One day is not enough to finish the beach but we made a good start and removed 154kg of marine litter. Thank you again for coming along and helping as well as a big thank you to those who clean up the beaches when they visit.


Raffin: Part Three

August’s monthly volunteer day took place last week, a joint effort with the John Muir Trust Volunteers. The aim: to tackle the next bay south from Raffin. Unfortunately, it was a little walk in from an available car parking place, but this didn’t deter the JMTers, and off they went to search for the next lot of marine waste to take off the beach. The weather was damp to say the least, but we were all wrapped up in waterproofs and, as I am sure you will agree, they did a stellar effort in retrieving the washed in rubbish. As always, alongside collecting the litter we are looking out for washed in birds or sea creatures but also the mermaid’s purses! Last time we found 4 in total, 2 large Flapper Skate cases and 2 Catfish cases. This time 4 again but 3 Flapper Skate cases and 1 Catfish. Recordings of these get reported to Assynt Field Club. As far as I understand the Flapper Skate cases have only been found along the Raffin coast within CALL. Once we had


A Return to Raffin

June’s monthly volunteer day was held at Raffin Beach, caring out a second beach clean on the first strip of the beach and moving onto the second. The John Muir Trust run working holidays, and this was the week they were up in Coigach and Assynt, all 10 of them joining the CALL volunteers to help clean the beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day. When we stopped for lunch it was hard to get going again and not just bathe in the sunshine! Despite the temptation, the volunteers carried on all day, collecting 250kg of bagged rubbish plus a lot of large plastic items and even a tyre. An amazing effort and so happy that we managed to get to the next stretch of beach. Our previous clean was 8 months ago and thankfully the rubbish had not returned to the state of before. Alongside collecting marine litter, we were also keeping our eyes open for any birds or creatures that had been washed in or any mermaid’s purses, the capsules made by Skates and Catfish for their young.


Getting to Know Isle Martin with the John Muir Award

Ullapool Primary P7s were lucky with the weather today! They were hosting their John Muir Award Share day on Isle Martin for the P7s from Achiltibuie, Lochinver & Scoraig. In the morning artist Julia Barton led a CSI style investigation into several “crime scenes” found on the beach. All pupils were involved in collecting the evidence to try and determine the perpetrators of the crimes….evidence included plastic bottles, twine, sweet wrappers, plastic strapping, drink cans……can you think “who dunnit”? After lunch there were den building sessions and a Victorian treasure hunt which helped everyone get to know the island a bit better. Thank you to the Isle Martin Trust and Wester Ross Salmon for transporting everyone over.


Spring Clean Take 2: April Volunteer Day

As I arrived on site the heavens opened, ‘another wet beach clean’ I thought. I was wrong. By 11am the sun pushed through as volunteers started to arrive. We were all soon removing all the waterproof layers as it turned into a glorious day. We concentrated on the sandy straight of the Bay of Stoer shoreline between the rocky outcrops; Clachtoll Broch to the left and Stac Fada to the right. The beach started off quite colourful with small pieces of rope, plastic, twine and fishing line. By the end of the event we had removed 18.5 Kilos of rubbish from the beach! A fantastic amount. We all retired to the bench for well-deserved rest and biscuits when a few divers caught our eye. We scurried to get binoculars and scopes out and found that the bay was in fact full of diving birds of all types. To top it off a pair of White-Tailed Eagles flew over, being mobbed by a Raven and a Hooded Crow. A list of all the species seen in the bay are listed below.


A Spring Clean for Culag Wood’s Beaches

This week we held a beach clean at Culag Woods, concentrating on the two beaches north of the White Shore. Although it had been beautiful sunshine all week, the grey skies didn’t stop our volunteers from doing a wonderful job. In just 2 hours we managed to clean two beaches of 10kilos of small pieces of fishing rope, twine and fishing line. Good eyes where a must on these beaches. Unlike previous beach cleans there where hardly any large items to clean. Residents and visitors of Lochinver do a brilliant job at removing larger items when they wash in. There are also boxes located at the two northern beaches that marine waste can be put in to be collected at a later date. So, on Thursday, we concentrated on smaller items tangled in the seaweed, searching through the layers to find the brightly coloured plastic lines. A massive thank you to those who came along to help me and to those who regularly remove litter from Culag Woods or any beach. The next volunteer event will be held on the

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