Recording wildlife sightings in Assynt – A quick nature walk through Culag Woods

The Natural Heritage Data Project was one of the first projects of ours to get going and part of that project was to set up a new website for Assynt Field Club which would let people submit sightings online. The site has been up and running for a year now and has seen a big increase in visitor numbers and lots of sightings have been submitted. So I thought for a blog post I’d go for a quick walk in the woods to show how the reporting system worked. (If you want to skip to reporting click here). I headed off out of the office and into Culag Woods. I could hear birds tweeting away but couldn’t see them, until 2 chaffinches flew across the path ahead of me – too fast for me to take a picture. After hearing lots more birds but not seeing any I decided I would at least try to find some lichen or fungi to record a sighting of – you don’t have to be quick to get a photo of them! I headed

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