Raffin Beach Clean Success!

At the start of the week when I looked at the weather forecast for the 13th and 14th I was sceptical if we would be able to run the beach clean with the horrible weather that was being predicted but as the week went on things started to look brighter and I headed down, hoping some brave people would join me! Day 1 was pretty wet and windy, as expected, but over the day many people turned up to help and we managed to clear most of the worst parts of the beach south of the bothies. I was staggered with the amount that the volunteers collected, especially in the challenging conditions. Day 2 was much the same with the weather, but more determined volunteers turned up to help us clean the north beach. This beach wasn’t quite as bad as the couth but it was still astonishing the amount we collected. We had 5 big metal bins and completely filled them and then some! All I can say is a HUGE thank you to all that turned out to

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