Freshwater forms a significant part of the Assynt and Coigach landscape, with the lochs dominating this habitat. While we have a reasonable amount of data on the rivers and burns within the area, only the annual catch data provided by anglers exists for the lochs. This project will build on this existing knowledge. It will involve the various stakeholders, anglers and owners, within the community and will help with management of the resource to the benefit of the users and the fish.

The aims of this project are to:

  • Generate greater awareness and knowledge of Assynt and Coigach’s freshwater environment and its importance to the health of the wider environment and also economy of the area.
  • Focus on the fish species present in the area’s freshwater lochans; identifying the extent and range of different species, and what factors determine their presence or otherwise.

Help to build a greater appreciation and protection of this important asset from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

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