Culag Community Woodland Trust Ltd (CCWT) owns and manages on behalf of the community two areas of land in Assynt for amenity use:

  • Culag Woods – a 40 hectare mixed woodland in Lochinver, and;
  • Little Assynt – a 1,200 hectare estate approximately 5 miles east of Lochinver.

Both contain a variety of paths which have been worked on at various points since CCWT was established in 1995.  Technical upgrades and repairs are now required on short sections of several paths to improve old pitching, replace wooden steps and improve drainage to reduce the impact of future adverse weather and keep future maintenance liabilities and costs to a minimum.

The path improvements at both Culag Woods and Little Assynt will improve the experience of path users giving better access to people of “more abilities”.  The additional features will create easier access to both areas enabling the woodlands to be enjoyed by more people.  More access means more people become connected to these places which in turn can lead to more volunteers to help look after the woodlands. An increased awareness of the local environment can help foster individual and collective responsibility for the natural environment.

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